Monday, March 21, 2011

Pray for Lilly tomorrow!

Sewing for Lilly was a huge success! Lilly received over 20 kimonos from all over the United States and one from Austria!! Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and we will all be praying our hardest for her.  
There have been a couple of fundraisers around town for her medical bills and I participated in the walk/run last Saturday too! The local news came by and did a small story on the walk. 
Here is the link to watch a little clip and hear from Lilly's mom.
I can't say thank you enough again to all the wonderful blog ladies that participated and helped Lilly.
Nicole at 60 piggies
Angel at TaDa Creations
Nancy at Nancy's Couture

I started a scrapbook for Lilly with pictures of everyone's kimonos that were sent and the sweet notes that went along with them.  (Not really my fortay btw- I'll stick to sewing ;) Thank you for everyone's hard work that went into them! 
To see Lilly's kimonos go to her Flickr pool- Sewing for Lilly.
Be thinking about Lilly tomorrow (3/22) and keep her in your prayers.
Also if you would like to keep it going, please send Josie Mae a kimono.  She has surgery next week.  My kimonos are headed out the door now!

To keep updated on Lilly's surgery as it happens, her mom will be updating her blog throughout the day.  Pray for Lilly


  1. praying for lilly tomorrow!!

    (thanks again for heading this up and inviting us all to be a part of the sewing. i can't say it enough: you're just plain awesome, lisa.)

  2. ;) You're not so bad yourself! You guys were all willing to help me get this out there, I can't thank YOU enough!

  3. I am praying for Lilly!!!!
    I am sooo happy to see so many people willing to help this sweet baby and her family!