Monday, June 13, 2011

Kids play tent for under $10!

R's new play tent!!
I fell in love with these A-frame tents I have been seeing on blogs and decided to make one for R.  They are SUPER easy!  I used Rubyellen's tutorial and added a few things of my own.  She explains everything you need on her site, but I had a few changes.  She used finished moulding and I just used 1x2 unfinished wood since I was wrapping mine in fabric (I did lightly sand also).  The moulding was between $3 and $8 a piece depending on the look you wanted (which cut in half gives you 2 pieces for your tent frame) The 1x2 unfinished wood was $1.12 for an 8 foot piece (which gave me 2 pieces also).  I used a $5 sheet from walmart for the tent fabric and hemmed it.  I would measure the frame top once you finish because mine was a tad shorter than her specifications, meaning I  just pushed my tent frame further onto the dowel rod.  For my frame covering I had some canvas/linen type fabric from an old ikea curtain sitting in the closet, which I just ripped into strips to give it a frayed look.  There was enough of the sheet leftover though if you wanted to wrap your tent pieces in matching fabric.
Now go make a tent to read, play, sleep, or in my case.... use as a train tunnel,
or steal mom's tablet to play matching games.