Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beach Towel Dress!

I love my new Beach Towel Dress! Yes, made from an actual beach towel. Actually, a $3.97 beach towel from Walmart! What I don't like is being my own model! Oh well.  I got the tutorial off Made, which if you haven't noticed is one of my favorite sewing blogs.  She uses a pattern to make hers but I just took my hip measurement and added 6 inches and sewed the top with elastic thread then sewed the side together.  I think when I do it next time I will add more rows of shirring..I got too anxious to finish, and I will cut a front and back piece, I like having two side seams.  I can't wait to use it!  It is so hard to juggle my towel and get R in one while making sure he doesn't run off while getting all our stuff together.  I am always soaking wet while everyone else gets a tad more dry.  In addition, I am usually holding him while he is still wet, but her newest addition will hopefully change that too. She also just added TODAY a beach robe pattern, which R totally needs! I think with a Cars2 or Thomas beach towel though.  So after nap we are off to the pool again!


  1. I totally love this idea. I knew I should have grabbed a couple of those towels when I saw them the other day! And I'm with you, Dana is one of my favorite sewing bloggers.

  2. I know! It was really easy. Just message me if you need more info!

  3. Awesome job!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this.

    Amy from Gabriels good tidings

  4. I love the towel you used! Cute stripes and it looks great on you. Thanks for sharing :)
    - Dana