Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cool cheap supplies!

So I have found a few new sites that have great crafting deals. The first is Pick your Plum
They have daily deals, a lot of times from Etsy sellers, for crafting/sewing etc.. For example, today's deal was 12 yards of different grosgrain ribbons for $4.Yesterday had colored elastic, 9 yards for 2.70! I have seen bare tile pendants, custom stamps, and vinyl chalkboard sheets! Shipping varies but I haven't seen it for more than $3.25.
The second one is Heartsy. I believe these are all exclusively Etsy people who are discounting their items. I have yet to buy anything from this site, but I have seen a few things I liked.
Lastly, is WhoopdWhoop. I have mentioned this one before. (I have a tutorial featured on their blog)  This is really cool because it's currency free! ou make swaps! It's fun if you have some things sitting around that haven't sold or you were planning on giving away.  

So go forth and save on crafting supplies! As soon as school starts back up in a few weeks I will get back to the sewing, tutorials and blogging more frequently!