Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free Pattern Month!

It's free pattern month over at Grosgrain's blog!! They are only on day and so far I love every one! Go check it out cause we all love free patterns and tutorials!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Whoopdwhoop Tutorial Feature!

Have you heard of this yet? WHOOPDWHOOP It's a cool place kinda like Etsy but with no money exchanged! You can swap items!  It's pretty cool!
I am featured on their blog tutorials today! Check out my tutorial and their blog with other cool tutorials HERE!

Sorry about the lack of blog posts lately! I will try and catch up and give you some cool new tutorials this week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sewing and traveling

Well it sounds like from my title I am doing those two things together, but I'm not.  I was sick at the beginning of last week so I didn't get much done.  But lately, I have been sewing up a storm!  I had an order for a baby shower gift.  It turned out so cute, I loved the color scheme.
 I am going to Kansas City to visit family and I wanted to take stuff to my nieces and nephew.  I have made my niece (and myself) these cute purses using Simply Modern Mom's hobo bag tutorial and pattern. 
Forgive the Coke t-shirt :)
Cute braided strap.
There is a pocket on the front here but it blended in for the pic.
Inside lining and pocket.  I also added D-rings and made my strap go cross-body.
In addition, I have made 2 dresses from Made's Warhol dress and pattern.
Here's 1 of them.  I am thinking about doing an applique on the 2nd one.
 I also made some Simple skirts at which point my camera battery I will have to post those tomorrow! I planned on doing the slipper sew along with Nancy but just ran out of time so I will make those next week or the week after.  And I am still working on the dress for me! of course...always gets pushed to the wayside ;) oh well, I am about...almost 1/2 done..maybe.  Taxes were also done in there this week! Wheww.. I am tired! Goodnight!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lilly is healing!

Hey all.  I have had some emails asking about Lilly.  She is healing nicely! She is still having bouts of sleeplessness and crying in the middle of the night, which worries her mommy but they said it will lessen as time goes on and she starts feeling better.  Her family has expressed to me how much everyone's prayers and kimonos have been such a blessing to them.  They hope to be able to thank everyone personally in time, but for now they are still just trying to catch up on sleep!  Here are some more pics of Lilly wearing her kimonos!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some clothes for me and a sew along!

I am finally gonna get into some patterns for me.  I always say I am but then I never do.  I have started this new Suede Says by Simplicity.  Not the hotpants jumpsuit in the middle! The dress on the right.  These patterns are pretty cute.  Each gives you an Edgy look (middle one), Classic look (right) and a Flirty look (left).  So don't be thrown off by the center pictures like I originally was!

By the way does everyone HATE simplicity sizing as much as I do!!??? I bought the pattern that goes through size 12 because I normally wear 8 and I forget how weird patterns are.  Well by measurements I should be sewing a 14/16 on this pattern (which I did not buy) So I am going to try reducing the seam allowance and hope it works! Also I added 3 inches to the length of the dress (dress B) because I am kinda tall and it seemed short from the pattern.  So if anyone is interested I will be making notes along the way while I am sewing this.  Once I post my dress (hopefully it fits!) if anyone wants my notes just ask!  Also I got this cute slipper pattern Simplicity 2278 because Nancy's Couture is going to do a sew along and they are so cute!!
I also plan on making some Market Skirts for my nieces in Kansas City since I am going up there in a few weeks.  There are 5 girls up there! I made the 2 littlest some Warhol style dresses already.  My sister-in-law and I both want these Hobo Purses to carry around for Spring, so I need to find cute fabrics for those!  I recently made some really cute striped seersucker pants for R, using Made's basic pant pattern. I love the little flare at the bottom- just a touch.

So that's my NOT busy at all week as  (In addition my oldest is turning 11 this week!) :( 
So big...too soon.
Have a good week ya'll!