Here you will find my tutorials or links to tutorials I have used.

 Vinyl Tablecloth Changing Pad

 Softie Owl with Free pattern

 Made's Pants tutorial and Pattern (Used for these shorts)

 Thread storage and Fabric boards tutorial

 Fabric covered burp cloths tutorial

T-shirt resizing tutorial

 Toddler To Go Placemat

 Nancy's Couture Kimono Top Tutorial and Pattern

 Cakies frame tent tutorial

Prudent Baby Toddler Bow Tie Tutorial

Cottage Home Party Dress Tutorial


  1. so excited to see what you post here and to learn something new as i am a beginner in the sewing world as well. would you mind telling me how you got the tabs at the top tat read home and tutorials...i would love to add that feature to my blog.

  2. Hi Sarah I will be posting a lot of tutorials this week (I hope lol, in the land of 4 kids you just pray for the best!) If you have any questions on them feel free to ask. Okay to add a new page to your blog you go to the top and do a NEW POST..then if you look there are 3 little tabs...its automatically on the one that says new post..but the next one says edit post, and the next one says EDIT PAGE. This is the one you need..if you click over on it you will see all your options to add new pages (which is the tabs at the top) You can change the font, color, etc..of your tabs in the design portion. Hope it works for you!

  3. I know where you got the geek side of you but where did the crafty part come from. Must have been your other mother Gail.