Sunday, March 13, 2011

2 tutorials! Make your own spool and bobbin storage and fabric boards!

This board for your bobbins and spools of thread is super easy and pretty quick!

Materials needed:
At least 1 inch think board.  I just bought a 12x24 piece of pine at home depot. 
It was 3.00.  The pine is a softer wood that is easy to hammer the nails into.
Box of "finished" nails.  The reason to use finished nails is so your spools of thread fit over the end of the nail.
Spray adhesive or hot glue
Staple gun if you prefer
Fabric (I used a heavier home decor type fabric)
Picture hangers

First thing you do is drill your picture hanger holders into the back of your board.  Be sure to put them down a little from the top so your fabric can fold over.  (Again with the pine wood this was easy to screw into)
Next lay your board on the fabric.  If you want to spray adhesive the front of your board then lay it on your fabric you can.  I suggest that for thinner fabrics.  I didn't do it with mine.  Here is also where you can just grab a staple gun and staple the fabric around.  Hot glue was more available for me.  So I started gluing my fabric around.
Corners are always a little tricky.  My fabric folded pretty nicely.  Keep hot gluing! Don't burn yourself. When you get the bottom done, make sure you start pulling your fabric tightly before gluing the top part (if you didn't use spray adhesive)
Voila! I kinda then added some hot glue around my ends of my fabric so it wouldn't come loose or fray.  Next we add the nails.
I love that my fabric was checkered because I kind of had a little guide to go off on my lines.  So if you want straight lines you may need to draw some with a sewing pencil that can be erased easily. 
Remember you need to nail your nails in at an angle so when it is upright your spools don't fall off.  As you can see my first row angles are all different LOL.  But you can't tell when its up.  I got better as I went along.  Also I put these too close together for my spools so I suggest you test that out.  So these became my bobbin holders.
Also my nails were so dirty! Look at your fingers while you are nailing so you don't put your dirty hands on your clean fabric.  Just keep making rows!
Here it is.. I left a little space on the right because I am thinking about adding some velcro to the back of my pin tomato and having it hang out there on the thread board while not in use.
 Should be easy to hang up with your pre-installed picture hangers.  See you can't even tell my nails are at different angles.  :) Enjoy!
Now onto my fabric boards...
Fabric board tutorial! This is even easier.

Foam Board - I bought the industrial size at home depot.  It is 12 feet by 8 feet and about 8 dollars.  It also has a shiny silver side and writing on the other, but my fabric covers that up! I had them cut it into 1/4ths so it would fit in my car.  (You can go by the foam board at the fabric and craft stores that is super white but I had a lot of fabric and it would have cost me a LOT LOT more!)
Exacto knife and ruler
Basically I cut my foam board in the size I needed which was 8"x12" then wrapped my fabrics around it and stuck in a couple of pins!!
That's it!
I love having the foam so I can just pin it and it will stay.  Any questions just ask!


  1. ahhh...foam board! that definitely would work better than wood boards...hadn't even thought about being able to pin it! genius idea! :) Off to raid the garage because I know there's foam board out there somewhere. LOL