Friday, March 25, 2011

Lilly update day 3 and 4

Well yesterday was a rough day.  Lilly couldn't keep anything down and had to get her IV put back in. They were also waiting on a bowel movement which was not happening.  I just got an update that she is finally keeping food down and had a full diaper! (That's the only time a mom is happy to hear those words ;) Luckily she had a lot of kimonos to wear because she went through quite a few yesterday, in addition to poor mom needing a few clothes changes!  She is in a regular room now so at least the family has some privacy now.  Poor parents and grandma are definitely a little sleep deprived so any friends in the area that want to stop by with a good cup of coffee, I am sure they would love it!  Keep the prayers coming, HE is always listening!


  1. This little angel just amazes me every day. It's hard to believe that she just had heart surgery! I have her in my heart all day and night and I am praying for her to get stronger every day. Her little smile is such a blessing on my day :)

  2. This is wonderful!! Thank you so much for the updates!!! The prayers will keep coming..God Bless :)