Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lilly's surgery is done!

Keep reading below for continual updates:

3/22 1:00pm Lilly is out of surgery and in ICU.  Per Lilly's Aunt, the surgeon said everything went well.  She will be sedated for at least a day to keep her still.  I will let you know anymore updates I hear! Thank you for all the prayers!

Hard to see her like this..but knowing she will soon be okay helps!!
Now you see why the kimonos were so important! I don't think she can wear anything til she is out of ICU.
Update from Lilly's Aunt at 3:20pm... They are getting ready to take her off the vent soon, hopefully they can console her easily and she will not be in much pain.

Update on Lilly from her mom via fb at 7:30pm-
Please pray for Lilly. After at least 5 rounds of pain meds, she is still in a lot of pain. She's been screaming and crying since they removed the breathing tube around 3:30.

3/23/11 8:00am  Lilly's mom said she is sleeping peacefully, still in a little pain but that's to be expected.  Here's hoping for a good day!

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