Thursday, March 17, 2011

Did you know Abercrombie made toddler tshirts? actually they don't, but I do!

Let's face it.. really cool tshirts are pretty limited for toddlers, unless you want to pay big bucks.
R's big brothers have a ton of Abercrombie shirts they have outgrown..and even on sale ,$10 a tshirt between 2 boys for a few tween years, ends up to be..A LOT.  So when I found out I was pregnant and having a boy the first thing I knew I would save would be all the Abercrombie things.  Seriously I have no idea where their cotton comes from but it lasts and lasts and gets better and softer with each wash!
He was very busy watching Diego and did not want to pose!
So today I searched the saved clothes bin and grabbed a size small Abercrombie tshirt.  Then I read about a million different tutorials on how to resize a shirt.  My fav being Nancy's Couture.  Then tried it on him and realized I didn't have to do anything to the collar because it was already really small.  (Which I now remember was always a problem with my big kids trying to fit their heads through)  So now, none of the tutorials I had applied to what I needed to do.  So I just went for it! Turned out pretty darn good too. Thank you Lou Ann for teaching me how to add sleeves the right way so I could figure this out!!
So I decided I would do my own tutorial with another Abercrombie T-shirt (by this weekend at the latest)


  1. So clever. I never thought to repurpose my older boys shirts! They usually just went to Goodwill or the rag bag. Can't wait for you tutorial.

  2. *your

    also forgot to mention...the shirt you made looks fantastic. I would have never guessed it was resized.

  3. Thanks Patti! Being able to keep the collar helped and I used most of the same sleeve. I am thinking this might be easier than my next venture which is resizing some old band xl tshirts to toddler size! I will be using new ribbed knit for those collars. If all works out on those I will do a tut for that one too!