Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coming soon.. Traveling Placemat Tutorial and Giveaway!

This is one of my most prized possessions when we go out to eat.
A lot of times places have breakable plates which I am scared to death he will pick up and drop and although he can use a real fork, this smaller metal kids version is much easier for him.  Plus, kids just get food EVERYWHERE, it never seems to STAY on the plate.  So I made him this traveling placemat (everything has to be Thomas).  I love this one because he takes his trains everywhere and this one has a little track for him to run his trains on while he is eating.  
This pic was not posed..he really had that train right there! LOL
mmm Chipotle...
So.. I will be making another traveling placemat with a tutorial to go along with it, and then I will give away the placemat I made!! (Utensils not included)  I will probably make another Thomas one, possibly different fabrics though..cause Thomas is just so cool and girls love him just as much as boys!  I will try and get it made today, but I have sewing class tonight (yes I still go and learn new things!) and then I am visiting Lilly in the hospital.  So look for my post either tonight or tomorrow!


  1. LOVE! We are going on vacation to Disney at the end of May and have a 2yo who is wild at restaurants. This would keep him busy. Hopefully, I will have enough time to get one of these made for him. What an absolutely wonderful idea :)

  2. Well make sure you post a comment when it's time to enter the give away and you might not have to make it! ;)

  3. The giveaway is posted make sure you go enter!