Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fabric Covered Burp Cloths for Baby - Beginner Easy Tutorial

Now you can get spit up on in style!! Here's how to make a fabric covered burp cloth for your baby or a cute baby shower gift (goes great with my Vinyl Changing Pad Tutorial)

Materials Needed:
Gerber cloth diapers - These are the best ones Gerber 6-pack Premium 6-ply Cloth Diapers but my Babies R'Us tends to run out of them quickly.  So this time I got the Gerber 12-Pack Prefold Birdseye 3-Ply Cloth Diapers - White  Do not get the single birdseye gauzy type..they are too thin.   The 3ply will give you twelve diapers for the same price as the six you get in the 6ply.  The 3ply seem to be working great this time, although from personal experience the 6ply will last through a million washings.  If you have time, just click on my link above and you can order online and get the good ones.  Sometimes certain Targets will carry the 3 and 6ply.
Fabric - I prefer cotton because it washes well with the diapers
Matching thread
..that's it, short list!

First step is to wash and dry the cloth diapers and your fabric (you should always wash and dry your fabric)
The cloth diapers shrink A LOT!
Then iron out the cloth diaper and the fabric.  Lay your cloth diaper down onto the fabric.
Then cut your fabric to the same size as your cloth diaper (it will not be straight but don't worry)
You will see the 2 lines already sewn into the cloth diaper, go ahead and pin down those 2 lines to keep your fabric onto your cloth diaper.
Sew into those 2 lines. (backstitch at beginning and end)  I pick a color that blends into the color fabric I picked.  You can barely see the color on the backside of the cloth diaper, but I suppose you could always use white bobbin thread.  Never tried that.
You can barely see the stitching.
You have to look really hard.

 Now if you have a serger you can serge down all the sides.  I don't, so I just zig zag stitch on all the sides.  I go around twice so that it stays really well.
That's it!
Adorable gift!
 *** Some additional embellishments I have done are to add some ribbon and just do half the cloth diaper in fabric, also you could always bias tape all the way around.  Personally after having used all kinds of these.  The simple ones like this seem to wash and last the best!

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