Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Upcoming Projects with Tutorials!

Just a quick list of what I have planned for this week.
**Tonight I am making more kimonos for Lilly.
**Sometime this week I will be making a stuffed softie owl with tutorial and a pattern my husband drew.
**Need to make a baby gift for my mom's boss which will consist of a cool vinyl changing pad (tutorial), pretty burp cloths (tutorial), and Pacifier clips (tutorial).
All while trying to get my new sewing area set up and attending my oldest son's 2 playoff basketball games!
**My sewing area will consist of making a few things also, like a thread and bobbin holder (tutorial) fabric bolts (tutorial) and just showcasing the rest of my organizational ideas.  
Oh and I can't forget my husband! He wants me to make him some TRX workout straps.. (not really sure what I am going to do in this process, but he needs sewing done)  Maybe I will make a tutorial for that too in case anyone wants to make them for their husband?

Did you see how many times I used the word TUTORIAL there??!! I am gonna be a busy girl!

ughhh now I am thinking about next week's list...not quite as long but a bunch of stuff too!
I bet if I didn't have a 2 year old at home during the day I could get everything done in 2 days (1 day to sleep, 1 to work  :), but then again my life and work wouldn't be as meaningful without this little addition.

Have a Happy Tuesday!


  1. holy smoleys, girl, you are a sewing whirlwind! i can't wait to see all your beautiful results.

  2. Thanks! It'll all happen soon right now my son is on his 3rd night of basketball playoffs! I am almost done with Lilly's 3rd outfit though.