Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sewing and traveling

Well it sounds like from my title I am doing those two things together, but I'm not.  I was sick at the beginning of last week so I didn't get much done.  But lately, I have been sewing up a storm!  I had an order for a baby shower gift.  It turned out so cute, I loved the color scheme.
 I am going to Kansas City to visit family and I wanted to take stuff to my nieces and nephew.  I have made my niece (and myself) these cute purses using Simply Modern Mom's hobo bag tutorial and pattern. 
Forgive the Coke t-shirt :)
Cute braided strap.
There is a pocket on the front here but it blended in for the pic.
Inside lining and pocket.  I also added D-rings and made my strap go cross-body.
In addition, I have made 2 dresses from Made's Warhol dress and pattern.
Here's 1 of them.  I am thinking about doing an applique on the 2nd one.
 I also made some Simple skirts at which point my camera battery I will have to post those tomorrow! I planned on doing the slipper sew along with Nancy but just ran out of time so I will make those next week or the week after.  And I am still working on the dress for me! of course...always gets pushed to the wayside ;) oh well, I am about...almost 1/2 done..maybe.  Taxes were also done in there this week! Wheww.. I am tired! Goodnight!


  1. i don't even know where to begin--i adore it all! those bags are amazing, and i am head over heels IN LOVE with that dress. you've got some madd sewing skillz, dearie.

  2. LOL thanks Nic! I have pics of her wearing the dress..too cute! and I made Lilly a similar one for her 1st bday party. I will be posting those pics soon!