Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beach Towel Robe for kids!

I loved R's new Beach/Pool Robe SO much I made him two!  This is seriously a life saving GEM since my 2 year old cannot keep his towel on.  It was VERY easy to make too! I made the first one short sleeved with the partial tie option and a hood.  He normally wears a size 4T (yes I know, he's so tall!) but he is slim enough to wear 3T.  The dilemma was which size to make so I went for the medium sized 18mo to 3T and used the length of the large sized 4/5T.  Worked great!  Except on the first one I made the ties the size of the large, which ended up being way too long and I put them down too far. I then decided for the 2nd one he needed the full tie to help it stay on better and put them up higher.  PERFECT!  I also had a problem with the robe slipping off his shoulders so I added a button and some elastic.  Problem solved! (I went back and added that to his first one later so you don't see it in the pics.) If you can't tell by the pictures, break time at the pool is all about snacks with us!  
Beach Robe Pattern by MADE


  1. They turned out great! This is one of the things on my list to make before we go camping in a week and a half. So much to sew, so little time.

  2. I may have to try this now that we'll be hanging out at the pool more. Did it take long to get the pattern & how much was it?

  3. 8 dollars and its immediate download and super easy!