Sunday, July 10, 2011

To Make or Not to Make

When I see certain clothes and items now, one of my first thought is "I can SO make that for less"! But sometimes, I just can't justify making certain things when I can buy them so cheap!  IKEA is my greatest example.  I hear a lot of good and bad things about IKEA.  Personally everything I have gotten there has been great and way better quality than I would expect for the price.  My nephew loves playing with the grocery cart and vegetables we have at my house so I thought "oh I could make him some out of felt.".  Then I went to IKEA.  All of these are only 7.99 each! 
There is no way I could make them for that, especially considering the time which would go into it.  So, I guess...I will still have to resort to buying certain things, even though I COULD make it. :)

1 comment:

  1. I do the same thing. I'm better at buying now than I use to be. I use to say 'oh, I can make that!' but never would get around to it and wished I would have just bought the thing I saw in the first place. LOL