Friday, July 22, 2011

Bow Tie and Party Dress!

I made my littlest a bow tie for my sister-in-law's wedding using Prudent Baby's Bow Tie Tutorial.  (Fabric from Hobby Lobby)
     I ran out of time and didn't make the actual sliding clasp that it should hook on to.  (I just pinned it to his shirt) I think that worked perfect for his age anyways.  I actually got a compliment on it from someone I didn't know at the wedding! It makes my day to be able to say "I made it."  If you mention the wedding to R and tell him how handsome he looked he says "I had my bow tie!" It's pretty adorable.  I loved it on him and want excuses to make more! 
    My baby niece's dress ended up fitting perfect! I was so happy.  A few helpful notes ...although the fabric big buttons on the back look pretty, if you have to put the baby in a carseat, it's not very comfortable for them.  Also, sew the sash on all the way around not just at the sides.  You might not have to for an older child but for the babies it's a really good idea.  (Dress top and sash fabric from Joann's, bottom houses fabric from Ikea)  ** That's her pretty mom holding her in the pics.

I'll leave you with a pic of the happy couple, because who doesn't love a gorgeous wedding photo!

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