Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Happy Update on Lilly and pics!

Well yesterday was a rough day for poor Lilly, after they took the breathing tube out she was crying and in a lot of pain.   They weren't sure if it was anxiety and her trying to wake up or just pain.  Finally after 5 round of pain meds at about 11pm (her breathing tube came out at 3:30pm) she settled down.
This morning she opened her eyes and started to come to.  They started to wake up all her organs and most of her tubing has been removed.  She is now on pain meds which keep her sleepy but she wakes up to eat (which is just bottles right now).  Her mommy finally got to hold her for the first time this afternoon for a little bit.  Now that enough of her tubing has been removed she can finally wear a kimono!
All the nurses and doctors have heard the kimono story and how all you wonderful ladies helped this little girl and they are all very moved.  Britni (Lilly's mom) has already passed 2 kimonos on to other children in the hospital.  There was a baby who has been in the hospital 120 days and was just now healthy enough to have surgery and another baby who Britni has been watching and just didn't receive very many visitors.  Britni has been able to bless these new families with a little bit of love passed on from all of us.
 Here are a couple additional pics that Lilly's grandma took of Lilly trying on kimonos the day before the surgery.

Thank you again for your prayers and blessings for this sweet little girl.  Let's keep praying that she only gets better in the days to come.


  1. Awww...she looks so sweet. And look how cute she is in her kimonos! Glad to hear she'd doing well. I didn't get a chance to sew any kimonos for her but hope to do this for some others in the future. I think I will have my sister in law check and see if there's a need for them for little patients at our local hospital.

  2. That's a great idea Patti! We have no shortage here in DFW because we have such a big children's hospital. Cooks Childrens.

  3. What an amazing little angel. I have been praying for her and thinking about her all day. I am so glad she is doing better.

  4. Lisa, thanks so much for the wonderful updates! I'm so elated to hear that Lilly is doing well, we've certainly been praying. This story hits so close to home, Lilly sees the same cardiologist that my daughter goes to! We love her and are always thinking and praying of all the other little hearts that pass through her hands every day.