Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Automatically have facebook and twitter upload your new blog posts on your pages! Here's how!

Every time I did a blog post I would copy it over to my personal page and my SweetStuffCreations page on facebook.  This was annoying.  Recently, I found an application on facebook that will automatically check blogger and put your new posts on your wall for you! I really like the way they make it look also.  It looks more professional than it does when I just copy and paste the link.  The application is called NETWORKED BLOGS.  Now here is the difficult with anything on facebook it seems, there is a lot of going back and forth and between your personal and business page because for SOME reason facebook doesn't want everything to go only though your business page.  I am going to try and run you through most of it, hopefully I don't forget anything since I have already done this.  First, you will sign up and register your blog.  (I have added in pink where to click) Don't click the syndication button for options just yet.

Your screen should then look like this:

Fill that out..then it will lead you to how to verify your blog.  The easiest way to do verification is to add a widget to your blog so it links the NetworkedBlogs App to your blog (searches for the posts, etc).  (In Blogger you go add a blank HTML widget and paste the code they give you)  Then you will go back to the NetworkedBlogs app and click on that Syndication options button I showed you (in pink) in the first picture.
Your screen should then look similar to this.

Pull down your blog name from the menu.  Click add facebook target(or twitter) and connect your pages to your blog!  Now.. here is where I suggest writing a blog post, something quick and easy.  You will then wait and notice nothing shows up on your facebook page! LOL.  There is a reason for that.  The more followers you have..the quicker networked blogs goes and pulls your blog posts.  Because we are new, it takes 24 hours... OR.. you can just run over to your NetworkedBlogs page and make them go pull your posts.  Here is how you do that.
Click on your profile tab in Networkedblogs then when that opens, click on your Blog name, as pictured below:
 There is a button that says PULL NOW...which is the hardest button to find! But I have shown you in pink below:
Now you will see your new post show up on your facebook pages!! Here is what mine looked like! 
I hope this is helpful and explanatory for everyone! If you need any more help or I missed a step just let me know and I will see if I can remember or find it for you!  Happy blogging!


  1. hello have done a great job..i m ANAND from INDIa.I'm a blogger too.kinda just began..thought i could learn from you

  2. Thanks so much for posting this. Really helped me figure it out.