Monday, May 2, 2011

Paying it forward

Do you know what this is??? DO YOU???!! If you are in the sewing world you do..if not, it's called a Serger, a Bernina Serger at that, and it does so many awesome things that a sewing machine can't!  Well guess what?? IT'S MINE! It was GIVEN TO ME!! Can you believe it?! Can you tell I am excited by all my punctuation? My husband coaches volleyball on the side (he's a programmer by day).  They travel to out of town tournaments in different states and all that fanciness.  He gets to know some of the parents pretty well on their trips, well... I guess he was talking about me, my sewing, and my project for Lilly, he tends to brag about me a little...or if you know him...A LOT :), so last weekend one of the moms brought this Bernina Serger to my husband to give to me!! She hasn't used it in 5 or so years and was praying for someone to pass it on to, and she gave it to ME!  I am still flabbergasted and so thankful and excited.  I am bringing it to my sewing teacher tomorrow (she uses all Bernina) to show me how to use it.  I still have to write a thank you note...can you ramble like this in a thank you note? But, I figured as part of my thank you.. I will be paying her kindness forward.  My blog friend Nancy, who was a big help on Lilly's kimono sewing, told a story about a little girl who has lived almost her whole 1st year of life in the hospital.  She is about to go home though! Needless to say her mom hasn't been able to do a lot of shopping.  So with the help of my new serger, blog friend Nancy, and anyone else willing to help, I will be making some cute clothes to send to this little girl.  Read her full story HERE.  Take a quick look and see if anyone has done you a kindness lately and think about PAYING IT FORWARD.  


  1. Wow! How generous of her! And what a wonderful way to say thank you by making some cute clothes for a little one! That's awesome Lisa!
    I've been yearning for a serger for some time now. I've hinted and hinted to hubby but I think he thinks it's a bit much to spend on a sewing machine when I already have a regular sewing machine. He just doesn't get it. LOL
    Have fun with your new toy!

  2. Lisa,
    Having been so very blessed by all that has been done for Lilly, may I contribute by buying some fabric or patterns for you? I'm not a steamstress, but would like to help. You and your friends will never know the difference you made in our lives. May God continue to bless you and all that helped by sewing and praying for our Lilly. Today we learned that the hearing loss that Lilly had after surgery has returned to normal! Our God is awesome. The ministry you have started has spread and will bless more people than you will ever know. Thanks to all for what you have done for us and are doing for others.
    With great respect and love,
    Lilly's Grandma....Debbie

  3. Yeah Patti, I didn't think with 4 kiddos it would ever be in my budget either! lol. Debbie, thank you so much! I really feel blessed to have been able to help in my own small way. It's been really cool to actually SEE the benefits of helping someone else, and I hope my kids learned from it also. It's hard to see what you are doing if you are just giving money to an anonymous place or person. I am pretty sure I don't have it in me to turn down any offers for fabric..ever! LOL.

  4. Lisa,

    Chuck sent me this blog...I should have known it would be like the Pioneer Woman's site...a complete artistic professional! Love it all.

    When we were walking down the street at the volleyball tournament and Chuck was bragging on your amazing ability to sew, your passion to give to others and this project for Lilly I knew you were who God had for the Bernina serger. It was crystal clear.

    I used to live in Nashville, got to take sewing lessons at The Children's Corner (the maker of all the smocking patterns), and bought my first Bernina sewing machine and serger. Made all Austin's clothes! Smocking was so much fun! When she was 6 and diagnosed with her first brain tumor life changed. God saved her at Cook Children's Medical Center, restructured our lives and sewing has not found a place back in yet...someday. But the serger had to have a home and when Chuck told me about your little Lilly I knew you were the one.

    Be blessed, have fun and make all kinds of cute things!

    I am so thankful for your husband and his heart to pour into the girls! He made a huge difference in Austin's life!



  5. Lisa that is so wonderful and I am so happy for you. What a wonderful blessing!
    Thank you for your spirit of giving. I wish I knew you in real life because I just know we would be great friends! Thank you for being an inspiration to others!

  6. now that? is one beauty of a serger. so glad it ended up in your talented, compassionate hands.