Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Photos- what to wear?!

This is probably one of the hardest things for a mom.  You would think it would be something like balancing work, home, family, cooking, cleaning etc...but NO, it's planning your whole family's wardrobe for pictures! I stress out over this EVERY time! I didn't want everyone wearing the same thing and color as we have in past years, but wanted to make sure we looked cohesive.  I was pretty happy how it worked out. Oh and it helps to have an AMAZING photographer, which we do.  
I also really wanted to make sure the older kids were dressed appropriately for their "pre-teen" age and not look too babyish.
(E's plaid shirt by Abercrombie, B's solid navy by American Eagle, J's Cardigan by Hollister)
Of course R's toddler outfit had to be stylish too!
(Navy long sleeve shirt by Land's End, Cardigan by H&M) 
Hubby and I jeans by American Eagle, my top Forever 21, his plaid shirt Daniel Cremieux @ Dillards
We always have a good time, which includes us climbing the tree BEFORE the kids got to!
I liked R's cardigan open..but being 3 he kept wanting to take it off so it ended buttoned up later.
Make sure you grab quick individual shots while you're there!
I also did these fun matchups from last year's pics to see how much everyone has grown!
Sept 2010 vs Dec 2011
 I think the most important thing for great pictures is to have fun and try and be comfortable!

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