Friday, September 9, 2011

Vintage finds for me and you!

So I just scored some awesome vintage things today, some for me and some for you! I'll start with the ones for you, since I know that's why you are reading this. Do you remember these characters?
I was at our local antique mall looking for rustic/farm related things for R's bday party coming up in November.  Well I didn't really find much there for the party that wasn't just crazy priced.  That's the thing about antique malls, some stuff is super high and some is super low.  BUT, I came across these 3 cookie cutters from the 70's and knew I was in love.  I am not the greatest at the painting/art end of the craft spectrum, but I knew someone out there could make some baking magic out of them!  So I grabbed them up for you and all 3 of these are listed in my Etsy shop, Sweet Stuff Shop.
The lowly worm from the Busy World of Richard Scarry.
 Joan Walsh Anglund's famous little girl from her books and prints of the 60's and 70's.
And...who could forget Porky Pig's "That's all folks!"
Now onto my finds!
Some of mine is from Thrift Town and some from the Antique Mall.  Thrift Town produced the $1.99 Milk Bottle which I will probably use for a vase at the party and the cool car that R picked out for himself for 75 cents.  My antique mall finds were the $2.00 Napa Valley crate (again probably for the party), and of course the coolest cookie cutters, but I think my favorite find of the day is the Fisher Price School Days Desk from 1972 for $5! He immediately started playing with it and loves it!  Right next to it was more magnet letters for $3 but I grabbed the lowercase ones (which we are still working on recognizing). There was another set there and I am hoping those were uppercase and will snatch them up. 

 It has a chalkboard and these cool paper pullouts that you are supposed to put your magnet letters in or I assume draw with chalk.  I am glad he thinks its as cool as I do!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!  as Porky would say,  "That's all Folks!"


  1. Great finds! I love the FP desk! I sure wish they still made those...something without some electronic voice telling you the letters. LOL
    Oh...and I have that porky pig cookie cutter! It's Tupperware I believe and wasn't actually meant to be Porky Pig, but he sure looks like him. Wonder if Tupperware had any problems with WB about copyright on that one LOL. :) I have a few other characters as well (not tupperware)...Droopy Dog(1956)and some Peanuts characters (charlie brown, lucy and linus). They make me smile everytime I see them in my cookie cutter bin.