Sunday, April 3, 2011

Some clothes for me and a sew along!

I am finally gonna get into some patterns for me.  I always say I am but then I never do.  I have started this new Suede Says by Simplicity.  Not the hotpants jumpsuit in the middle! The dress on the right.  These patterns are pretty cute.  Each gives you an Edgy look (middle one), Classic look (right) and a Flirty look (left).  So don't be thrown off by the center pictures like I originally was!

By the way does everyone HATE simplicity sizing as much as I do!!??? I bought the pattern that goes through size 12 because I normally wear 8 and I forget how weird patterns are.  Well by measurements I should be sewing a 14/16 on this pattern (which I did not buy) So I am going to try reducing the seam allowance and hope it works! Also I added 3 inches to the length of the dress (dress B) because I am kinda tall and it seemed short from the pattern.  So if anyone is interested I will be making notes along the way while I am sewing this.  Once I post my dress (hopefully it fits!) if anyone wants my notes just ask!  Also I got this cute slipper pattern Simplicity 2278 because Nancy's Couture is going to do a sew along and they are so cute!!
I also plan on making some Market Skirts for my nieces in Kansas City since I am going up there in a few weeks.  There are 5 girls up there! I made the 2 littlest some Warhol style dresses already.  My sister-in-law and I both want these Hobo Purses to carry around for Spring, so I need to find cute fabrics for those!  I recently made some really cute striped seersucker pants for R, using Made's basic pant pattern. I love the little flare at the bottom- just a touch.

So that's my NOT busy at all week as  (In addition my oldest is turning 11 this week!) :( 
So big...too soon.
Have a good week ya'll!


  1. The dress on the right is really cute! Might have to look for that pattern next time I see Simplicity patterns on sale...although, I hardly ever sew for myself (except purses, bags and accessories). I agree with the pattern sizing. I still haven't figured it out so I usually end up just winging it. Thank goodness for three size patterns! Love those little seersucker pants! Love the Made blog too! Have fun with all your sewing this week! I'm hoping to get a bit done this week as well since my 7 yr old will be back at school. And happy birthday to your oldest! Time sure does fly doesn't it!(my oldest turns 25 this year...yikes!)

  2. Ha ha, yes I hate Simplicity's sizing too! Size 6 here...but according to most patterns, I'm like a 12/14. It never fails to make me second-guess myself...!

  3. Oh I forgot to add I am making it in Chambray...which I have never used but hopefully it'll be cute! Simplicity does not give me any ego boosts! Lol Yeah I get tons of stuff from the Made blog..I don't know how she does it all, I am thinking she doesn't sleep.

  4. It was the centre picture that attracted me lol. I LOVE that suit. Got 101 projects to do...knitting, crochet, sewing, but always find a way to do them all hahaha. Can't wait to try this one. I've got chicken legs which is great but the knees and white skin.....not so great. Be interested to see how this pans out for me lol. BTW do you know about the pattern reveiw website? It's Deepika pattern review. Readers review patterns they've made, adjustments, alterations etc for others to view before making the same projects.

  5. Oh no I didn't.. I'll check it out Karen thanks!