Thursday, October 13, 2011

Starting school with mom

R and I started "class" today.  I wouldn't exactly call it "homeschooling" because I think that is a certain cirriculum that you follow and mine is just willy nilly, but, it is me teaching him at home.  There are so many resources and printables out there for free that it really makes my job easy.  Day 1 theme was trains.  R loves to learn anyways so I knew it wouldn't be a problem getting him to do any of these activities and it wasn't, plus..hello it's TRAINS!  He'll be 3 next month and he has a great memory like his older brother.  He already knows his abc's.  He can recognize all the uppercase abc's and we are working on the lowercase (that lowercase l is tricky since it looks like a 1 or an I).  He also knows and can recognize his numbers to 20 sometimes 25.  We are working on recognizing 2 digit numbers like 35 instead of just thinking it's a 3 and 5.  He's great at patterns, shapes, and puzzles already but those are ready to be expanded into sizes, small, medium, large etc.. There is so much to learn and teach! It's been a few years since I have done all of this, my oldest is 11 now.  I think I did a pretty good job the first time around though and now with the internet my resources are even greater.  Here are a few pictures from day 1. (ignore the toys on the ground behind him) I got my train printables from LAWTEEDAH.

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